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Love, Patience, & Perseverance​

Are you ready to lessen the fear of traumatic haircuts? I'm here to help show you a better way to help our friends through a rather stressful event, all in the comfort of your own home. Through a supportive environment and proven approach, let Care Cuts be your guide through your child's unique hair journey using helpful tips and tricks.


Care Cuts incorporates techniques that assist individuals in a positive and caring environment that for many can often be traumatic or lead to sensory overload.




President & Senior Stylist: Missi Kennedy

I am a professional cosmetologist and mom to an amazing autistic son. Care Cuts is reshaping the standard view of haircuts for individuals that need additional support by providing a better in-person hair care approach and offering digital resources for the community.

What you will learn

Learn the tools to provide quality haircuts in a safe space, how to tame your child's hair while supporting them emotionally, along with a proven approach for children with special needs.

The necessities

You can find my list of basic and recommended supplies through my Amazon links, along with products proven to work 


Parents Recommend

Lisa J.

“Missi is sooo great!! She is so patient and got it done in whatever way was most comfortable for us and was infinitely understanding and accommodating! We will definitely be using her regularly and would recommend her service to anyone that dreads going the hair salon!”

Vanessa V.

“I don't even think my daughter noticed her hair being cut! What a great experience! Thank you so much for making her first haircut special.”

Stephanie P.

“Missi was great with my son who has difficulty in going to salons because of the smells of hair products and soap. She played with him, listened, and we got the hair cut done with a happy kiddo and Mom!”


Why Care Cuts Intro

Why Care Cuts Intro

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