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Who are we?

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Care Cuts is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was formed after years of providing hair cuts to individuals with additional sensory needs. Our organization was formed on March 20,2023. With this organization, we hope to harbor an equitable and comprehensive haircare experience for persons with a physical or developmental disability. We provide specialized hair care and resources in a supportive environment that meets the needs of each individual and reflects a life-long benefit. Our platform provides a positive impact on communities through safe spaces and acceptance. 

Below is the story of how Care Cuts came to be and the passion that drives this organization everyday. 

I have taken a long, heartfelt look about how I, personally, can help to ease the fear of friends when they are getting their hair trimmed. This is not only important as a hairdresser but as a special needs mom, too.

I didn't realize my journey had begun much earlier in my career, long before I ever laid eyes on my beautiful boy. I had clients with severe sensory issues, and I would go to great lengths to figure out fun ways to trim their hair while limiting the tears. I felt my job as a hairdresser was to make people happy. When your client is screaming, it's hard to feel good about what you are doing. Once my child began loathing haircuts, I started to look into the sensory side of autism.

When I read the statement that a haircut for a child with severe sensory issues would be the equivalent of you or me getting a tattoo, my heart sank. What could I do to help him while also trying to help him talk, walk, and eat? I knew I had to be able to help him get his haircut without experiencing such trauma. Now with all of this being said please don’t think that by doing all of my techniques through the years that my son goes to the salon and sits in a chair happy to get his hair trimmed. Nope, it's actually quite far from that. But he does know the hair trims only last for a short time. He knows he will be ok; that mommy will always love him and take the best care of him. He also knows that the skittles are going to flow like water during his trim! This is a lifelong skill for our children, not a quick fix by any means. If you want a quick fix, this is not your plan. This plan is for parents or caregivers who want the best for not only their children but for themselves.

Let's be honest here — most of us have shed a few tears in a salon at one time or another. With having Care Cuts resources at home for you to refer to whenever you need, there is no need for heartbreak over haircuts. You and your family will benefit with these adjustments.

The Care Cuts Way

Support, Hair Therapy, Patience

Love, patience, and perseverance is the name of the Care Cuts game!

Over the last 27 years, I have developed a proven way to help kids with sensory needs overcome haircuts. The Care Cuts way incorporates hair "therapy" and techniques that can be done in the comfort of your own home. Over time this will lead to less stress.

 No more screaming, crying, or embarrassing scenes at the salon. We have so many talents as parents and caregivers we have no idea we're even capable of. You can totally do this! You are about to rock this Care Cut! 


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