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The Care Cuts Way

The Care Cuts course is designed to be another tool in your parenting toolbox. It will take patience, love, and perseverance, but I promise I am here to help you through your child's hair journey and am available to answer any questions you may have. 

  • The Course

    • Learn the tools to succeed at home
    • Cut your child's hair with confidence
    • Proven methods to help decrease the fear around trims
    • Examples of in the moment Haircuts
    • PDF to supplement the Course


A series of videos that provide all you need to know from start to finish

Helpful material

The course provides additional material from written out hair therapy guidelines to an in-depth materials list and how to's

Private Discussion group

As part of the course, you will gain access to a private Facebook group to discuss hair topics with other members

Personal guidance

I am available to help your family with personal guidance on any hair topics specific to your child not covered in the videos/course material

This course was created to help you & your family

This course is here to help you. I have designed the Care Cuts Course to be a helpful tool for you & your family to achieve amazing haircuts at home. The course works for all children but is especially helpful in families with children on the autism spectrum, children who have sensory sensitivities, and toddlers or young children who have anxieties around new situations and hair salons.  The Care Cuts course has been successfully implemented in many homes as well as many therapy centers with great success. Love, Patience, & Perseverance are words I have lived by since becoming a mother to an autistic child, and it will take all three of these traits to see success in my methods. The reward of successfully overcoming haircuts at home or seeing a hairdresser implement these methods will greatly change the way your child approaches & handles haircuts. 

Morgan O.

This program has been a game changer for us and our family with any related hair time sensory issue. I am so grateful that it taught us a new way of handling this basic need!

Dave B.

As a Dad, this course has been a Godsend. I have been the primary head shaver for years and it's always been a day in our house that brings tears. Those days are behind us thanks to Missi and her course. Seriously, it's worth the investment because we no longer have mental or physical costs after going through these methods.

Jessica A.

I wish this existed 5 years ago when the haircut battles were such a struggle. The course helped us to navigate a few of our remaining last ditch efforts and it's improved every aspect from brushing to cuts. THANK YOU!

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